5 Reasons The Philippines Is The Best Place To Travel

Everyone is talking about travelling in The Philippines these days and despite the fact it has been off the radar of the South East Asia backpacker trail for a while now people are beginning to realise how awesome The Philippines really is. And we totally agree! Yes we’re slightly bias as it’s our office – but there’s a reason we love showing people more of what The Philippines as to offer….well there are many reasons actually! If you’re still not 100% convinced about visiting The Philippines here’s our top 5 reasons that make The Philippines such an amazing place to travel…

1. Everyone Speaks English! A lot of travellers and backpackers are worried about language barriers which makes The Philippines an ideal destination in Asia – because pretty much everyone speaks English! You can be in the middle of nowhere and have a full blown chat with the 90 year old guy who runs the corner shop. Ask for directions, order food…English is widely spoken throughout which makes travel heaps easier!

2. It’s Just So Happy! We challenge you to find anywhere in the world that is happier than The Philippines. You’ll be greeted everywhere you go with genuine, warm smiles, the Filipinos are immensely proud out their country and love showing it off!

3. Island Paradise…7,107 Paradises In Fact! If you love tropical beaches and island paradise (who doesn’t!) you’re spoilt for choice in the Philippines – there are over 7,000 island to explore! That\’s a lot of sand to wander along and water to swim in! Come back again and again – it would take you year to run out of new places to visit!

4. Something for Everyone. And with that many islands comes a huge variety of places to explore and activities to get stuck into, so no matter what your taste or budget there\’s always something to do. Wander around the bustling cityscape of Manila (where we start our trip), find a slice of personal beach paradise to top up your tan on, learn to scuba dive amongst famous shipwrecks or ride world class surfing waves. Everything really is more fun in The Philippines!

5. It Won’t Break the Budget! One of the best things about this amazing country? It won’t even break your budget! You can sip cold rum and cokes on the beach with change from $2, bounce around on cheap internal flights and stay in beach front accommodation for less than $10 per night. So once your adventure with us is over extend your stay, kick back and enjoy this paradise without breaking the bank!

Have you visited The Philippines yet? What was your highlight?

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