one life adventures

About Us

One Life Adventures is an award-winning adventure travel company currently disrupting the travel market by providing truly unique group travel experiences to less traveled destinations, at affordable prices. We hold strong our beliefs on how people should travel and how companies like ours should conduct themselves when attempting to design tours for customers as outlined below!

We DO believe in destinations that are less traveled.
We DO cap our group sizes so you don’t feel like cattle.
We DO provide a western guide at all times.
We DO splash out on the best accommodation.
We DO NOT believe in hidden costs for our customers.
We DO NOT claim to specialize in every destination under the sun, we do THREE and we do them very well.
We DO NOT believe in taking people overseas and getting them to put their hands in their pockets every five seconds.
We DO NOT run tours with ridiculous travel days.

When people question how One Life Adventures has thrived in such a competitive industry in a short space of time, the answer is very simple. Whilst the so called big boys continue to operate inclusion starved tours in as many countries as physically possible we decided to go in completely the opposite direction and niched down on three destinations, giving people insane value through inclusions. The popularity of our tours and the feedback / awards we have received tells us that’s exactly what customers want.