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If you haven’t worked it out already through the website we specialize in adventure! One Life Adventures plans incredible adventure tours in Asia with a group of guys and girls looking to backpack around some breathtaking and exciting destinations. We plan legendary trips to some of the best places in the world: Sri Lanka and the Philippines.


The money maker. We work with bloggers around the world who promote our tour through their channels and essentially refer us customers. Many of those customers convert in to sales and for that we will offer 10% / 15% commission on your referrals depending on the blogger and the size of his / her audience.

This is a generous offer – we know that – you should know that. Most affiliates only allow 4-10%


Blogger X refers two pax to our Sri Lanka tour which retails at $2,200, blogger X receives up to $660 as soon as pax have travelled.


So, you love the sound of the company and the concept but we get it, what you really want to know now is what’s in it for you!?

Our content is crowdsourced from our users, including bloggers.  We know that creating quality content takes work, and we want to make sure that content creators benefit from their efforts.  One Life Adventures provides many advantages to users who create content on our site.

We appreciate that all bloggers are different and depending on the size and reach of peoples platforms we have to respond accordingly. We invite you to make your case but broadly speaking this is what we can offer our friends in the blogging industry…


Our site is surfed not only by customers wanting to book travel but by thousands of travel agents around the world. One Life Adventures allows you to include a bio about your blog and links to your homepage and social media accounts. In short, we spend marketing dollars to source the travelers during their planning process and pass them onto you.  For free.

Many of our bloggers have been picked up by major travel agencies around the world who sell One Life through simply being on our website.


For the people at the top of their profession. When bloggers hit certain criteria, we will offer complementary trips worth up to $2,500 per person.


This is our most common way of working with bloggers. Our tours are extremely popular and often sell out two months in advance. We do however, hold at least one spot on each tour for bloggers, videographers and travel agents. We will offer significantly discounted rates on our tours in exchange for performance related criteria for bloggers spreading the word about our business.


When we find bloggers we love we will often allow them to blog regularly in exchange for credit towards a tour. X amount of blogs = X amount of credit. Build enough credit and get a FREE tour.


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