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Best Countries to Visit For A Backpacking Holiday

Backpacking through a country is a great way to get to know it on a genuine level. You can move from region to region, exploring each one in detail before moving to the next, unencumbered by tons of luggage. Because you won’t stay in bland, westernised hotel chains you’ll get to know the local nightlife, and with everything you need on your back, it’s easier to be spontaneous. Here are a few places that are a special treat for backpackers.


Sigiriya Rock Fortress Sri Lanka

UNESCO World Heritage Site – Sigiriya Rock Fortress in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is arguably one of the most affordable places on earth to visit, and as it’s not yet as popular as other tourist spots like Bali, it’s off the beaten track. Because it’s an island, you can expect an abundance of affordable seafood, surfing and swimming. Transport is cheap, and travelling via train lets you sightsee and save money simultaneously. The landscape is incredibly diverse, with beaches, rainforests and magnificent arid highlands. It’s an unforgettable country that you’ll want to return to time and again.


The Golden Pavilion Kyoto Japan

The Golden Pavilion Kyoto Japan

With an advanced system of buses, trains, public toilets and water fountains, travelling in Japan is easy, comfortable and clean. Joining a tour group is a great option as you’ll always have someone to advise you on which connections to use and the best rail passes to purchase. Most Japanese towns have coin lockers at the local station, where you can store the bulk of your belongings and travel light. Backpackers accommodation is plentiful, safe and noise free, so you can sleep peacefully and with 24/7 convenience stores and ATMs on every corner, you can pick up any essentials whenever you need it.


German Island Palawan Philippines

German Island Palawan Philippines

Being a collection of dozens of islands instead of a single land segment, the Philippines is built for backpackers to explore as you’re unlikely to stay in one area for more than a day or two. Being very affordable, you can get a decent night’s accommodation for less than you’d pay elsewhere. As its infrastructure is underdeveloped, be prepared to get down and dirty. With its perfect weather, you can ditch heavy packing in favour of just sunscreen, swimwear and thongs. An added incentive to keep your backpack light with just the essentials is that you’ll be doing a lot of walking, climbing, exploring and swimming.

Travelling by backpack is a great way to streamline your holiday. Why not make things even easier by choosing a One Life Adventures backpacker’s tour?

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