Don’t Miss These Adventure Activities When Visiting Sri Lanka!

If you value experiences over things, you’ll most likely be keen to seek out holidays that help you create memories (and photos) that will last a lifetime. Every country offers opportunities to see something phenomenal, and Sri Lanka is no exception. Here you’ll get plenty of opportunities that will give even the most seasoned traveller the chance to experience moments that you will definitely remember for many years to come. Keep reading for some ideas worth exploring in the area

1. Channel your inner Lara Croft at Sigiriya Rock

Based on external appearances, Sigiriya Rock is just a large column of stone. However, when you get closer, you’ll realise its actually an impressive fortress and prehistoric ancient citadel filled with frescoes and gardens. You can explore this UNESCO World Heritage site, starting with a vertigo inducing climb to the top of Lion Rock. Your final reward? The breathtaking view.

2. Walk the rails at the Nine Arch Bridge

The Nine Arch Bridge is an amazing elevated area set in the heart of the jungle and spanning over 24 metres in height. In fact, many people compare it to the route that the Hogwarts Express takes to enter Harry Potter’s magical world. Take a walk on the wild side along the Bridge with nothing but pure mountain air surrounding you while you enjoy the views of trains coming and going and the tea plantations below.

3. Watch free divers dance with death at Galle Fort

Long before harnesses and safety equipment were perfected, daredevils have been taking flying leaps off of the citadel walls at Galle Fort into the ocean below. Free diving here is an art perfected by experienced locals and is a sight worth watching. You’ll be holding your breath while you watch them narrowly escaping the rocks below – often with other stunts added to the jump.


These are just a couple of the many activities you can do when holidaying in Sri Lanka, and each one is guaranteed to bring you a unique thrill that simply can’t be experienced elsewhere. If you book a tour with One Life Adventures you’ll be able to experience all three as part of your itinerary – along with dozens of other fun packed activities. Why not choose this option for your next holiday? We can’t think of a better way to make new friendships and memories.

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