Explore Japan on a Budget

Travel Hacks: Explore Japan on a Budget

The sake is waiting for you in the land of the Samurai. You’ve binge-watched all the videos. Backpacking Japan is going to be epic, but how much do you need to budget for this adventure?

If visiting Japan is the trip you’ve been dreaming of, let’s see if you have enough to tick it off your bucket list today or how much you need to save before the sun sets on your spirit of adventure.

Japan on a Budget bamboo forest

If you’re big on Japan, keep it real

Japan is a small island with a rich culture. It’s about meeting locals, immersing yourself in local life and enjoying unforgettable experiences in the modern city and the wild charm of the countryside.

Your days will be full of new experiences in the birthplace of teen pop culture, from temples in Tokyo to rolling sushi against the backdrop of Mt Fuji. You might spot a geisha or get lost in a bamboo forest before finding inner peace in Kyoto. And you can’t leave without taking part in the obligatory karaoke.

No more than $170 per day – no hidden costs

You’ve heard that Japan is an expensive place to visit, but with One Life Adventures you can spend 10 days there for $1 694.67, including all accommodation, meals and transport within Japan.

Japanese tea room

That’s everything covered: from traditional teahouses to the ancient temples of Japan and many high-tech wonders in-between. It will be an eclectic experience, and you’ll fill your social media pages with memories of a life lived to the max.

This is no ordinary tourist tour. We focus on authenticity and keep the groups small for you and your friends so that you don’t lose the spirit of adventure in big crowds.

So your dream may be closer than you thought. One Life Adventures is an award-winning adventure travel company committed to finding the less-travelled destinations at affordable prices.

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