one life adventures


We specialise in adventure! One Life Adventures plans incredible adventure tours in Asia with a group of guys and girls looking to backpack around some breathtaking and exciting destinations. We plan legendary trips to some of the best places in the world: Japan, Sri Lanka and The Philippines. All are full of spectacular scenery, unique culture, and tropical beaches. What we enjoy about the destinations we visit is the fact that not everyone and their dog has been there! So if you see yourself sleeping in a safari camp surrounded by elephants, or island hopping on what is rated the most beautiful island in the world then join us! During our trips we explore jungles, cities, and hidden gems. Watch the sunset from a private beach camp, take a private wild elephant safari, kayak over reefs, party on tropical beaches, get the chance to fly over the ocean on a zipline and much, much more! This is what we do – we give you memories for life.


One Life Adventures was started by two fellow travelers with a passion for exploring the world. Like most good ideas, it was formed over a few drinks at a street-food stall in Bangkok. We wanted to take groups of travelers through some of our favourite destinations on life-changing trips to experience the real side of a country. We offer adventure tours to those interested in exploring some of the places which we loved most. One Life Adventures provides travel opportunities different from the norm, we encourage new experiences, exploration and adventures. We offer the best opportunity for people who are interested in exploring with a group of mates, backpackers and adventurers, and those who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. We will take you to two of the most beautiful and culturally rich destinations in the world; the Philippines and Sri Lanka. Our epic journeys into these spectacular places are a blend of bustling cities, remote villages, amazing wildlife, unique activities, local experiences, and idyllic beaches to give you the best adventure possible. Explore more … with us