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The Types Of People You’ll Meet On A Group Tour




Travelling in a group has many advantages. There’s safety in numbers, and it’s great having someone share a once in a lifetime experience with you. Many people choose group tours as they see it as a chance to get to know interesting people from widely differing backgrounds. If you’ve not sold just yet, we’re here to assure you that you have nothing to worry about. In fact, here are just a few of the types of people you can expect to meet on your upcoming adventure, that are sure to make it a memorable one:

1. The Smarty Pants

This the person who actually read all the prescribed guidebooks and guides well before they even got on the plane, and most will even attempt picking up some conversational native language. Travelling with a Smarty Pants gives you access to trivia and fun facts about anywhere you’re going to, without you having to do any reading and memorising.

2. Adventurer

The adventurer has been there and done that. With tons of travelling and backpacking experience under their belt, this kind of person is perfect for having on a trip, especially if this is your first time and you’re a bit nervous. They’ll have dozens of quirky stories and travel hacks to share, and will definitely know what to do to make the trip a memorable one.

3. The Mom/Dad

This person doesn’t need to be the oldest of the group – or be a parent in the first place. When your guide isn’t around, the Mom/Dad will be there for you, to remind you to pack your wallet, reapply sunscreen, and all the other important things we tend to forget while travelling. The Mom/Dad loves to look after other people and will make sure everyone is taken care of and safe at all times.

4. The Clown

No group is complete without a clown – and we’re not talking the kind with a red nose. A clown breaks the ice and sets the tone for the trip to come. When a group of strangers are about to set off into the unknown together, having someone crack jokes, get people talking amongst themselves, and make everything seem fun can really help the group to bond.

Your next group tour might have all the above people in it – or you might even be one of them yourself. Realise that every person has a role to play and enjoy what they each bring to the table.