Cheap Flights to Japan

Tips for the Trek: Finding Cheap Flights to Japan

You’ve chosen to backpack Japan, but what does it cost to get there?
The distance from Australia to Japan is 6 821 kilometres, by air. That’s about a seven-and-a-half-hour flight. And that flight is all that remains between you and that little island offering the most tantalising adventures.

Japan is an ace choice, by the way, and you’re going to love the high-tech buzz. Or maybe Zen is your thing.

So Hello Kitty! Now all you need to do is get there and back.

Don’t forget cherry blossom season between March and April or the artistic expression of autumn between September and November. At these times of the year, flights can be costly. If your budget is really tight, May is the cheapest month for travelling to Japan.

Timing and demand influence ticket prices

Airfares from Australia to Japan vary from around $400 with Japan Airlines up to over $1000 with Air China. Sometimes you can get a good deal with Air Asia for just over $300, but it all depends on seasonal demand.

Tips Cheap Flights Japan

Air flight aggregators make comparing prices simple

Visit an air flight aggregator site, where you can compare up-to-the-minute offers from various airlines. You’ll see a range of a typical economy class return ticket prices from Sydney to Osaka.

flight aggregator

Talk to an airfare expert

Consider consulting an airfare expert at One Life Adventures for help. We are online tour specialists with plenty of travel experience and we can help you to find the cheapest flight tickets to Japan based on your tour package dates.

Take the guesswork and stress out of buying your airline tickets to get to Japan. One Life Adventures is an award-winning adventure travel company committed to finding the less-travelled destinations at affordable prices.

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