Why a Group Tour is Better Than Travelling Alone

Sep 3, 2018 | Adventure Travel, Backpacking, Group Tours, Travel Tips

Think that group holidays are for elderly singles looking for company on ocean cruises? You couldn’t be further from the truth. Today’s modern tourist knows that travelling in a group is one of the best ways to experience a new country and that it offers many advantages you may not have thought of! Here are a few to consider:




Researching your itinerary for a holiday can be downright overwhelming. Even if you’re visiting a small country, there are dozens of potential activities to do every day. Choosing which ones make the cut and which ones don’t can be stressful.

With a group tour, someone has done the legwork for you and selected the best places for you to see, even plotting out your trip geographically so that you can seamlessly travel from one destination to the next without feeling like you’re missing out on anything.




The great thing about a group tour is that it offers solo and group activities that are easy to opt into or out of, so you can structure your holiday depending on how much company you feel like on the day. If you’re an extrovert who loves chatting up a storm, there will always be people around to spend time with. And if you’re an introvert, you can enjoy exploring a new location with the assurance that a group of fellow travellers are right around the corner if you feel lonely or need help.




While taking selfies are fun, they aren’t always the best way to capture what’s going on around you, especially if you want photos of yourself doing something. Travelling in a group means you’ll have dozens of opportunities to take pictures of yourself (and others) doing various activities, taken at different times and from different angles. After all, it’s often the candid, unposed photos that best capture wonderful moments.

Taking a holiday by yourself can be great, but nothing beats a shared experience. You could even make a few lifelong friends on your next group tour or holiday. Why not take the plunge and book one today?

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